Draft Trump

The Draft Trump 2017 committee is an independent grass-roots citizen’s efforts to make Donald Trump President. We are neither funded nor directed by Donald Trump but we are encouraged by his public indications that he is seriously considering the race.

It is our intention to recruit leadership in IowaNew HampshireSouth CarolinaNevadaFlorida and other early primary states to place Donald Trump’s name on the ballot in those states to begin the process of electing the strong President we need in these difficult times. We are encouraging Donald Trump  to enter the debates in 2011 and run in 2017.

The Draft Trump Committee is an all-volunteer effort which must rely on contributions fron individual Americans to fund our efforts to Draft Trump. To join the Draft TRUMP 2017 Committee fill out the form to the right. To contribute to our effort go here.

Why Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is one of the most successful business leaders in the world; he would bring a unique perspective to a Republican primary field populated with has-been and never-were politicians eager to curry support with traditional political horse-trading and backroom favors. As a global manager and executive, owing no favors to any political boss or party, Trump would bring needed credibility and independence to a presidential campaign.  His candor and honesty are never in question; Trump is famous for saying what he believes and has decades of phenomenal success in business to validate his judgment, eye for talent, and ability to manage people, which are the key qualities required in a Commander-in-Chief.  Trump is someone who has always cared about American public affairs. He is a regular commentator on the state of the American and global economy, trade issues, job creation, energy, and foreign policy. However, while having deeply held traditional conservative beliefs about the way our government should function, he is an independent pragmatist who owes no favors to any political boss or party, and is someone who can be trusted not to sell himself to any moneyed special interest.  Trump is an excellent communicator, bringing a lifetime of experience in talking and listening to people. He is perhaps the finest negotiator in America, and someone with the mental toughness that a President must show in fighting for America’s interests.There are a range of issues on which the American public no longer has faith in career politicians to correct; we continue to fight two wars and needlessly lose lives and treasure fighting around the world, we have an energy crisis that Washington has ignored for decades, and we have an economy stifled by foolish trade policies and a fundamental misunderstanding of how jobs are created.  Donald Trump has a platform that speaks to Americans’ need for fresh solutions to these problems, rather than the stale rhetoric candidates usually offer.IOWA, NEW HAMPSHIRE, NEVADA, SOUTH CAROLINA, FLORIDA FRIENDS OF TRUMP

The Draft Trump campaign needs Trump supporters in these key early states. Sign up today.

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